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TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, uses mild electric pulses in order to decrease pain. TENS therapy is beneficial when in pain, or following a recent injury because the electrical impulses can interrupt and alter the painful signals that are traveling from the damaged tissue to the brain. The repetitive stimuli will also increase circulation to the area. The increased blood flow aids in repair of the damaged tissue.


Russian stimulation involves placing pads on opposite ends of the desired muscle. Russian stimulation utilizes high frequency wavelengths to elicit muscle contractions. Often times when recovering from an injury or surgery, muscles are unable to forcefully contract on their own. Russian stimulation can assist in reprogramming the muscle to contract.


In addition to feeling good and being relaxing, intersegmental traction has benefits that may assist in recovery. When the spinal joints are not moving properly, often times the erector spinae muscles will spasm and become fatigued. Intersegmental traction can assist in relaxing these muscles. Other benefits include increase in joint motion, and improved circulation, both of which can be essential for healing.

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