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At Premier Chiropractic we have formulated a process that begins with the onset of symptoms, and ends at a full return to activity and preventative care. We are believers in patient centered, and goal oriented objectives. Our doctors will work with you to determine what is best for you, and how we will get the most out of care.


Consultation and Examination

Receive a consultation and examination that focuses on your complaints. Our doctors will go over the exam findings, and establish goals prior to beginning treatment.

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Getting Out of Pain

The first step is always to decrease pain levels. When pain levels are high, daily activities become challenging. Office visits may be more frequent at this time to decrease pain intensity as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic adjustments, passive therapies, and manual therapies may be utilized at this time to control symptoms.

Feeling Better & Returning to Activity

As pain levels start to change, so does the treatment. Soft tissue damage often remains even after your original symptoms have improved. This step in care builds upon the foundation that was laid in the first phase. Emphasis is put on building confidence that the goals will be met. Visit frequency is reduced and the focus shifts to managing symptoms on your own.

Customized rehabilitation and lifestyle modifications are introduced at this time. Chiropractic adjustments and muscle work is still utilized as needed.

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Maintenance & Preventative Care

At this time symptoms should be gone, and goals should be met. Periodic "tune ups" are recommended to make sure that symptoms are not coming back, and that new issues aren't arising. This preventative measure can help you stay well and performing at your best.

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